Get to know the Structure of our Federation and its Commissions.

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ProAéreo 2.0
Conociendo la Industria Aeroespacial


Address: México, Distrito Federal.
More information: Tel. (55) 9000 73 79

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    President: Carlos Robles.

    Main activities:
    A. Approve the incorporation of new companies associated or affiliated with the Federation.
    B. Decide on the definitive suspension of members who do not comply with the provisions of the statutes of the Association.
    C. Act as arbitrator in disputes between partners.
    D. Legislate lobbied on behalf of companies.
    E. Collaborate in increasing the number of members of the FEMIA®.
    F. Assist in increasing the number of FEMIA® members.
    President: Jorge Gutiérrez de Velasco..

    Main activities:
    A. Understanding the specific needs of members of the FEMIA®.
    B. Actively participate with the Mexican Council of Aerospace Education.
    C. After carrying the courses required by the Commission .
    D. Achieve an exchange program of best industry practices and events of interest to increase training of workers of the members of the Federation.
    E. Coordinate the Labor exchange of FEMIA® consisting on information about vacancies of members of Federation.
    President: Héctor Soto. (Eaton Industries).

    Main activities:
    A. Identify the strategic purveyance of raw materials, products and services required by members of the Federation and the aerospace industry in general.
    B. Ensure that the Federation members access to national and international certifications to strengthen their international competitiveness.
    C. Promote national and international events in the aerospace industry.
    D. Integrating an interactive information system among members of the Federation.
    E. Strengthening the Federation and the industrial reference (FEMIA® brand)
    Presidencia: Mario Juárez y Carlos Robles

    Principales actividades:
    A. Promoción de atracción de IED conformada por promotores privados para diseñar y ejecutar promoción institucional como contraparte y en colaboración con el gobierno federal y en coordinación con gobiernos estatales, y otros organismos promotores institucionales.